book excerpts

ISSUE 1 (1) 2007

Philosophies of Evolution (The Four Faces of the Universe) PDF
Robert Maurice Kleinman 201-218
Postscript: Some Thoughts on Astrology (The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations) PDF
Stephen Braude 219-240

ISSUE 1 (2) 2007

Peeking Behind the Icons (Chapter 8 of Visual Intelligence) PDF
Donald D Hoffman 189-201
Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness (compiled from Part I, The Mystic Fact) PDF
Evelyn Underhill 203-222

ISSUE 2 (1) 2008

Healing the Mind: The Philosophy of Spinoza Adapted for a New Age PDF
Neal Grossman 117-126
The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens (excerpts) PDF
Vox Day 127-137
The Way Out is Up and Other Stories from Equals One (excerpts) PDF
Medhananda 139-148

ISSUE 2 (2) 2008

Reinventing the Sacred PDF
Stuart A Kauffman 135-144
The Ascent of Humanity PDF
Charles Eisenstein 145-165

ISSUE 2 (3) 2008

21 Days into the Afterlife PDF
Piero Calvi-Parisetti 159-172
Gateway to the Dao-Field: Essays for the Awakening Educator PDF
Avraham A Cohen 173-194
The Spiritual Evolution of Society (from The Human Cycle) PDF
Sri Aurobindo 195-220

ISSUE 2 (4) 2008

Will the Real Charles Darwin Please Stand Up? PDF
David Loye 155-185
Intuition and Human Knowledge (from The Life Divine and The Synthesis of Yoga) PDF
Sri Aurobindo 187-204

ISSUE 3 (1) 2009

Chapter 2 of Yoga, Karma, and Rebirth – A Brief History and Philosophy PDF
Stephen Phillips 137-142
Subject and Object (Chapter 8 of Nature and Self: Reframing the Human Predicament) PDF
Mait Edey 143-156
The Rainbow Bridge of the Gods (in When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality) PDF
Stanislav Grof 157-164
When Science Becomes Scientism: Carl Sagan and His Demon-Haunted World (in When the Impossible Happens) PDF
Stanislav Grof 165-171
The Ideal of Human Unity (Excerpts) PDF
Sri Aurobindo 173-197

ISSUE 3 (2) 2009

The melancholy dilemma (Chapter 3 of Nature and Self: Reframing the Human Predicament) PDF
Mait Edey 167-178
The gospel of Heracles: a mediterranean legend PDF
Medhananda 179-192
Tales of prison life PDF
Sri Aurobindo 193-225

ISSUE 3 (3) 2009

Towards the Supramental Time Vision PDF
Sri Aurobindo 147-160
The Vanguard of the Super Neos PDF
David Loye 161-169
Toward a Theory of PK PDF
Stephen E Braude 171-197

ISSUE 3 (4) 2009

Inner Discipline PDF
Lew Paz 113-121
UltraOrdinary Situation PDF
Lew Paz 123-138
The Battle For Heart And Much Larger Mind PDF
David Loye 139-146
Psi and the Philosophy of Mind PDF
Stephen E. Braude 147-172