volume 1 issue 2


Preface to the 2nd Issue PDF
Ulrich Mohrhoff 1-13
Dismissing God PDF
Donald D Hoffman 15-20
Sri Aurobindo on Subliminal Consciousness PDF
Sri Aurobindo 21-54
Fodor on Adaptationism PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 55-60
Sewell on Darwinism and the Second Law PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 61-70
What Does Mysticism Have To Teach Us About Consciousness? PDF
Robert K C Forman 71-89
The Secret of the Veda PDF
Satprem 91-96
Buried in the Sands of Time: The Gospel According to Thomas PDF
Medhananda 97-110
The Spiritual Tradition at the Roots of Western Civilization PDF
Peter Kingsley 111-141
Peter Kingsley and the Discomfort of Wisdom (interview with Peter Kingsley) PDF
Jeff Munnis 143-153
Common Sense (interview with Peter Kingsley) PDF
Lorraine Kisly and Christopher Bamford 155-160
Raven’s Appearance: The Language of Prophecy PDF
Peter Kingsley 161-164
Beauregard and O’Leary: The Spiritual Brain PDF
 Review by Ulrich Mohrhoff 166-174
Baruss: Science As A Spiritual Practice PDF
 Review by Ulrich Mohrhoff 176-187
Peeking Behind the Icons (Chapter 8 of Visual Intelligence) PDF
Donald D Hoffman 189-201
Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness (compiled from Part I, The Mystic Fact) PDF
Evelyn Underhill 203-222