volume 2 issue 1

Preface to the 3rd Issue PDF
Ulrich Mohrhoff 1-7
Agenda of an integral consciousness mutation / world transformation PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 9-16
Radical constructivism — childhood’s end PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 17-25
Realism: the bane of science education, and what can be done about it PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 27-37
There’s no leaving the bubble of consciousness: Herbert Müller’s 0-D epistemology PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 39-45
Is God really good? PDF
Granville Sewell 47-54
A response to Granville Sewell, “Is God really good?” PDF
Karen Litfin 55-57
The riddle of this world PDF
Sri Aurobindo 59-64
The problem of pain PDF
Sri Aurobindo 65-71
There are no easy problems of consciousness PDF
E J Lowe 73-80
The next new world PDF
Chrisopher Holvenstot 81-89
Dembski and Wells: The Design of Life – Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems PDF
Mike Gene: The Design Matrix – a Consilience of Clues PDF
Lennox: God’s Undertaker – Has Science Buried God? PDF
Healing the Mind: The Philosophy of Spinoza Adapted for a New Age PDF
Neal Grossman 117-126
The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens (excerpts) PDF
Vox Day 127-137
The Way Out is Up and Other Stories from Equals One (excerpts) PDF
Medhananda 139-148