volume 2 issue 2

Materialism PDF
Sri Aurobindo 1-8
Beyond Natural Selection and Intelligent Design: Sri Aurobindo’s Theory of Evolution PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 9-31
Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism PDF
Peter Heehs 33-45
Indian Spiritual Knowledge and the Psychology Curriculum PDF
Matthijs Cornelissen 47-57
Should We Expect To Feel As If We Understand Consciousness? PDF
Mark C Price 59-70
Diseases of Meaning, Manifestations of Health, and Metaphor PDF
Kim Jobst, Daniel Shostak, Peter J Whitehouse 71-80
Awakening the Genius Within PDF
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura 81-85
Can the New Science of Evo–Devo Explain the Form of Organisms? PDF
Steve Talbott 87-102
Moalem and Prince: Survival of the Sickest PDF
Vaughan-Lee: Alchemy of Light PDF
Martin: Does it Matter? PDF
Northcote: The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth PDF
Reinventing the Sacred PDF
Stuart A Kauffman 135-144
The Ascent of Humanity PDF
Charles Eisenstein 145-165