volume 3 issue 2

Introducing the 8th issue PDF
Ulrich Mohrhoff 1-5
Does evolution explain human nature? Except where it matters PDF
Simon Conway Morris 7-9
Does the universe have a purpose? Perhaps PDF
Paul Davies 11-12
Does the universe have a purpose? Yes PDF
John Haught 13-14
Economic recovery? No thank you PDF
Carolyn Baker 15-18
Heehs on Sri Aurobindo and Indian communalism PDF
Marcel Kvassay 19-27
Deconstruction and consciousness: the question of unity PDF
William S Haney II 29-45
Cybernetics is an antihumanism: Advanced technologies and the rebellion against the human condition PDF
Jean-Pierre Dupuy 47-64
An empirical case against materialism PDF
Andrew Clifton 65-98
Heehs: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo PDF
 Review by Marcel Kvassay, Part 2 99-128
Lloyd Mayer: Extraordinary Knowing PDF
 Review by Ulrich Mohrhoff 129-141
Meixner: The Two Sides of Being – A Reassessment of Psycho-Physical Dualism PDF
 Review by Ulrich Mohrhoff, Part 1 143-156
Robinson: Finding Heaven Here PDF
 Review by Ulrich Mohrhoff 157-165
The melancholy dilemma (Chapter 3 of Nature and Self: Reframing the Human Predicament) PDF
Mait Edey 167-178
The gospel of Heracles: a mediterranean legend PDF
Medhananda 179-192
Tales of prison life PDF
Sri Aurobindo 193-225