volume 3 issue 4

Introduction to the 10th issue PDF
Ulrich Mohrhoff 1-4
Logic, DNA, and Poetry PDF
Steve Talbott 5-15
Ghosts in the Evolutionary Machinery: The Strange, Disembodied Life of Digital Organisms PDF
Steve Talbott 17-29
A Taste for Number Magic PDF
Steve Talbott 31-42
Who Conceives of Society? PDF
Ernst von Glasersfeld 43-54
The Issue of Reductionism: A Radical Constructivist Approach to the Philosophy of Physics PDF
Andreas Quale 55-68
And The Meme Raths Outgrabe PDF
Donnya Wheelwell 69-82
Sri Aurobindo’s “Universal Realism” and the Doctrine of Cosmic Illusion PDF
Marcel Kvassay 83-96
Sri Aurobindo, India and Ideological Discourse PDF
Debashish Banerji 97-112
Inner Discipline PDF
Lew Paz 113-121
UltraOrdinary Situation PDF
Lew Paz 123-138
The Battle For Heart And Much Larger Mind PDF
David Loye 139-146
Psi and the Philosophy of Mind PDF
Stephen E. Braude 147-172